Responsive accessibility = R22y

Metamatrix accessibility lead Pär Lannerö will give a lightning talk on responsible responsive accessibility on September 5 in a meetup with the T12T accessibility community in Stockholm.

The ambition is not to provide all answers, but to spark a conversation.

If you're not able to join the meetup, but still want to see the presentation, the "slides" are here for you!


The presentation slide deck does not even pretend to be a serious, accessible web page!

  • Navigate the content by spinning the carousel and by resizing your browser window!
  • Make the window wide to read about large web projects, narrow for small web projects.

Ready to go?

Open presentation
Requires a 1100px wide, resizeable window.

Text alternative

If the experimental slide deck does not make sense to you, here's a summary of the questions raised:

  • How can accessibility work scale with organization size? 
  • What are reasonable "breakpoints" for tool & method selection?
  • Should major websites be expected to be more accessible than minor ones?

Then join the discussion!

Our presentation is just a conversation starter. We need to discuss.

What is responsible responsive accessibility to you?

Please use the #r22y Twitter tag or - if you speak Swedish - join the T12T Slack Facebook group Tillgänglighetstruppen.

Or reach out directly to me!